DENVER BUSINESS JOURNAL ARTICLE: From the Wild West to the Internet of Things

“50 years in business…” Founder and CEO of Haynes Mechanical Systems, Fred Haynes, paused and let that sink in to his nearly 200 associates in attendance at the 2018 Christmas Party; a celebration, not only of the end of the year, but also their Gold Anniversary.

Haynes Family
Left: Kraig Haynes and wife Nancy | Right: Fred Haynes and wife RoxAnn
Company Christmas Party 2018

50 years in business is an incredible accomplishment. In 1968 the average home price was $25,000, gas was $0.34 per gallon, and we still had not set foot on the moon. While many companies have come and gone since then, Fred’s incredible foresight, hard work, and business acumen allowed Haynes to continue to grow through the decades due to his focus on one thing: creating unique solutions based on individual customer’s needs. Founded in 1968 as a Trane franchise, Haynes is a respected partner for Mechanical, Technology, and Energy Solutions in the commercial real estate market. The customer centric approach is grounded by the pillars of Trust, Respect, and Integrity; a mantra which remains at the company’s core to this day.

The challenges facing the marketplace have evolved considerably since 1968 and Haynes has been a key player in it all.  On the heels of recession in the early 1980’s, Fred and Governor Roy Romer worked closely to influence a major manufacturing plant to be constructed in Pueblo that created 400 jobs.  In the late 1980’s and early 1990’s, as Ozone Depletion was recognized as a serious threat, Haynes was an early advocate and key contributor in the efforts to convert and eliminate the use of harmful Chloroflorocarbons (CFCs) throughout Colorado. Amidst a technical labor shortage affecting all of the skilled trades, Haynes invested in the creation of Haynes University, where aspiring technicians can attend classes to obtain all of the necessary skills to graduate with their Journeyman’s Certificate.  The fully accredited institution was so successful that Haynes University was soon recognized by Governor John Hickenlooper and U.S. Secretary of Labor Thomas Perez.

Haynes University Creation
From left to right: Jeff Freestone – Safety Manager, Shane Herring – Operations Manager, Gary Sturgill – University Dean, Fred Haynes – Founder & Chairman, Thomas Perez – U.S. Secretary of Labor

Never an organization to rest on its laurels, Haynes has its focus forward. Whether it’s building automation systems that provide real-time feedback, utilizing building analytics to make intelligent decisions on how to allocate capital, or finding ways to utilize energy waste to finance infrastructure improvements, Haynes and Haynes University are passionate about educating their customers.  Maybe that’s why Haynes has developed over 40% of the largest C-PACE projects (upwards of $2.0M) in Colorado or why Haynes has captured $2.0M in incentives, rebates, and tax credits for their customers over the last five years. Haynes has also earned its place in Xcel’s Top 5 HVAC Energy Trade Partners consecutively since 2010. With such a solid record of high performance, we are excited to see where the next 50 years takes us.

Published 5/10/19 Edition of the Denver Business Journal

Laura Galijan