Haynes’ COVID-19 Response

To our customers:

As a valued part of the Haynes Mechanical family, we appreciate the trust you place in us and our people.  We are very aware of the events surrounding COVID-19. Undoubtedly, almost every facet of our normal lives has been disrupted in some form or fashion. We feel it would be irresponsible to speculate as to the future course of this virus, but do know it is of paramount importance that we remain vigilant and fulfill our mission of service to you, our employees, and be as helpful in our community as possible in these uncertain times.

Safety is always our first priority, for our employees and for our clients – it’s part of our core values.  Therefore, Haynes has:

As our service technicians visit your locations to serve you, please let us know if there are any instructions or policies your company may have put in place for COVID-19 so that we can be prepared to cooperate with your employees and policies.

Finally, we received several questions about COVID-19 transmission and building systems.  Click here to find a synopsis regarding applicable information and recommendations based on ASHRAE guidance and our industry expertise. If you have specific questions about your facility, please reach out to your Haynes account representative at 303-779-0787.

Thank you all once again for your trust and partnership.

Laura Galijan