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Continuing Haynes Mechanical Systems commitment to maintaining the most highly qualified HVAC technicians and office associates in the industry, we are transforming our training program into Haynes University. We have hired an on-site Technical Trainer who will work with our Associates to identify our most important training needs. Through offsite vendor training, NCCER training, onsite training, and on the job training we will ensure that each field technician and office associate are provided with a customized career development plan.

Haynes is committed to staffing and training the best associates in the industry. We will provide resources and guidance to ensure that each associate has a career path focused towards improved development.

• Haynes University will include three different Training paths. We will have a path dedicated to our Apprentice Technicians, which will include 4 unique skillset levels and will include a combination of both NCCER curriculum and vendor supplied training.
• The second path will revolve around ‘Needs Based’ Training. These trainings will be determined through data collected on the NCCER Assessment results and Supervisor feedback. It will include a combination of NCCER and vendor specific training
• The final path will focus on our A-level Technicians. These trainings will be customized to fit the high skillset each of these technicians provide. They will primarily involve vendor specific training and will be customized to the individual.

Haynes University is underway! Trainings are already scheduled to ensure that each associate has an opportunity to personally advance their career. Please see the attached schedule.

The format is as follows:
• Every Tuesday will be level 1 training (tradesman and apprentice)
• Every Thursday will be “needs based” training

If you see a training that you would like to attend, please discuss this with your supervisor.

Haynes Mechanical Systems is a leading provider of heating ventilation and air conditioning services in the areas we serve. We have extensive relationships with the area’s leading companies and work with organizations of all sizes, from Fortune 500 companies to those just beginning to grow. Our commitment to client satisfaction strengthens and extends our relationships. As our Founder and CEO Fred Haynes will tell you, “our success is measured by the success of our associates and customers.”

Ashley Wallis