50+ Years of Unrivaled Service

Continuing to raise the bar on our level of service

At Haynes Mechanical Systems, we have spent 50+ years building a company that we can be proud of – a company that focuses on working together with our customers to provide solutions to their heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) needs. Our integrated service offerings put our clients at the center of our business, allowing for a partnership that achieves success together. We approach projects to meet the changing goals of our clients, collaborating with them to align strategies and achieve world-class results.

Celebrating 50+ years

1960 1970 1980 1990 2000 2010 2020
1960 1970
Haynes Trane founded
Based in Denver
Focused on the commercial HVAC business

Haynes Trane, a manufacturers' representative company in Denver, CO.

1960 1970
Fred Haynes
Early in his career

Fred Haynes founded Haynes-Trane in 1968 with Trust, Respect & Integrity as the core values. This still holds true today.

1970 1980
Haynes Trane is a "family business"
Brand loyalty
Fred's children posing in front of a service van

Fred's children periodically washed a service van. Consequently, some of his offspring claim that they worked at Haynes as early as 1970.

1970 1980
Expansion into Colorado Springs
Second of four locations
To serve the needs of our growing client base

To support the growing southern Colorado business community.

1970 1980
Formal Invitation
First Annual Haynes Trane
Vail Engineering Seminar

Fundamentals of Fan Application, Fan Operation, Control, Installation, Maintenance along with Industry associations and Standards were some of the hot topics.

1970 1980
Haynes Trane Hosts Second Annual
Engineering Seminar in Vail
Guests included Clients + Industry Experts

Experts in the HVAC industry, Clients and the Sales Team, gathered to discuss HVAC trends. This annual event soon became the known as one of the most informative + fun seminars.

1970 1980
Greg Koenig joins Haynes
One of the most gifted technicians and teachers
Greg still mentors and advises

Greg, a Haynes Hall of Famer, rose from Service Technician to Technical Director, and he enjoyed sharing his knowledge by teaching BOAC classes and member of CAHED.

1970 1980
Vail Engineering Seminar
Building Load Analysis
Conserve Energy by Design

Energy Conservation System, Energy Control System, Air Conditioning/Heating System, Equipment Systems, Load Analysis Workshop, Airside Economizer, Variable Air Volume Systems, Run-around Cycle, Two-Stage Absorption, and Multizone were discussed.

1970 1980
5th Annual Haynes Trane Vail
Engineering Seminar
Fred Haynes leading a discussion

Workshops focused on Engineering Application Data rather than specific products. Some of the topics were: Energy Consumption Comparison, Use and Control of spray coil air handling and Centrifugal Refrigeration. Speakers, Clients gathered after the seminars for an extended happy hour and dinner.

1970 1980
Terry Koenig
Early on in his career
Terry is now the VP

Terry is a partner + Haynes Hall of Famer. "The only way to do great work is to love what you do. If you haven't found it yet, keep looking. Don't settle." -Steve Jobs

1980 1990
Kraig Haynes early in his career
CEO & President
"Watching firsthand our students give it all they got at Haynes University, graduate, and then thrive at Haynes Mechanical is a great source of satisfaction."

Haynes Hall of Famer + Partner. "The key to greatness is to look for people’s potential and spend time developing it." -Peter Drucker

1980 1990
Fred Haynes + Governor Roy Romer
Teamed up to influence Trane
To build the plant in Pueblo

Great value proposition: Creation of 400 jobs and the plant is still manufacturing HVAC equipment today.

1990 2000
Terry Koenig
Presenting at a
Trane Conference

Terry explaining all of Haynes Trane services and advocating why regular maintenance keeps the mechanical equipment running.

1990 2000
Governor Roy Romer applauds Haynes
Haynes a natural industry leader
Fazes out CFCs

Haynes was one of the first to faze out the use of Chlorofluorocarbons for the health of our environment. Roy Romer applauds Haynes Mechanical.

1990 2000
Haynes Associates
Jerry Hegge, Rachel Allen, Jeff Litson & Nick LaFortuna are all current associates

All of them celebrated 25 year anniversaries in 2020 + Experts in their respective fields + Haynes Hall of Famers.

1990 2000
Haynes Mechanical Systems
Haynes evolves

Haynes acquires the Colorado Linc franchise focusing on providing our clients preventative maintenance solutions.

1990 2000
First Sale as HMS
We sign up our first Sales Maintenance Agreement
as Haynes Mechanical Systems

Haynes moves away from being a manufacturer's representative to instead focus on maintaining the health of mechanical equipment.

1990 2000
Kraig Haynes leading a dinner discussion on
Energy Efficiency
and Energy Conservation

Conserve Energy by design. Kraig explains the interconnectedness + importance of design, engineering and maintenance of the building and all the mechanical equipment.

1990 2000
Haynes Celebrates
30 years of doing business
in Colorado

“The good-to-great companies did not focus principally on what to do to become great; they focused equally on what not to do and what to stop doing.” -Jim Collins: Good to Great

2000 2010
Haynes Mechanical
Recognized nationally by Linc
Service Contractor of the Year

Business is a game, and as with all games, the team that puts the best people on the field and gets them playing together wins." -Jack Welch

2000 2010
Wes Wedding & Brad Crouthamel
Service Technicians
to now Client Services

Fast-forward 20 years, now Wes and Brad are the backbone of the Client Services Team. Client Services monitors the health and energy use of your building. Indoor air quality is one of the major components to occupant health and productivity. If you want to know how your building is performing whether you are on-site or remote, these are the guys.

2000 2010
Haynes expands
Into Arizona

Haynes expanded into the Phoenix market with the same vision: Be infinitely driven and to seek greater challenges. This belief inspires our mission of service.

2000 2010
Some of our Service Team
Early in their careers
At Haynes

Just some of what they do: Extend equipment lifecycle; Improve thermal comfort; Increase energy efficiency & Building Automation Service and Support; Lower overall operation costs; and inspire service technicians are all part of their vernacular.

2000 2010
Haynes expands in
Northern Colorado and Wyoming
Ft. Collins

In the early 2000s, we recognized the nascent growth in NoCo especially around IT, pharmaceuticals and micro-breweries. Consequently, we opened our office to better take care of our clients. “One of the deep secrets of life is that all that is really worth doing is what we do for others.” – Lewis Carroll

2000 2010
Haynes recognized
at the Linc annual conference
"Setting the Pace"

Haynes deemed the leader of the pack. "Lead, follow or get out of the way."-Lee Iacocca

2000 2010
Launch of C.A.R.E.
Customer Assurance Review & Evaluation
Customer pulse check

Think Customer Business Review and Net Promoter Score rolled into one. We learn from our customers in order to get better.

2010 2020
$10 million
In Maintenance Base

A big moment for us: Thanks to all of our associates + clients for enabling us to reach this milestone. "The truth is that teamwork is at the heart of great achievement." -John C. Maxwell

2010 2020
Haynes Phoenix
Wins nationally amongst all the Linc franchises
Haynes Phoenix knocking it out of the park

"Winning means you are willing to go longer, work harder, and give more than anyone else." -Vince Lombardi

2010 2020
Legacy Award
Jeff Litson
Recipient of one of the most coveted Haynes Awards

Jeff is one of the finest technicians, incredible work ethic, and gives back by teaching the next gen at Haynes University. Jeff is a future Haynes Hall of Famer.

2010 2020
Haynes Christmas Party
is a festive tradition
Haynes company comes together like a big family

Fred & RoxAnn in 1988 and with Kraig and Nancy Haynes in 2018. The Haynes Christmas party commenced in 1970 out of Fred and RoxAnn's home. "Christmas is a bridge. We need bridges as the river of time flows past. Today's Christmas should mean creating happy hours for tomorrow and reliving those of yesterday." -Gladys Taber

2010 2020
Kraig is named CEO
Fred congratulating Kraig
on his contributions to Haynes

“Effective CEOs make sure that the performing people are allocated to opportunities rather than only to ‘problems.’ And they make sure that people are placed where their strengths can become effective.”-Peter Drucker

2010 2020
We won
Denver Business Journal Best Places to Work

Thanks to our associates and team for valuing our company! We are now a serial winner for Denver Business Journal's "Best Places To Work." “Culture is simply a shared way of doing something with a passion.” –Brian Chesky Airbnb

2010 2020
25 Years of Excellence
Haynes leaders recognizing some of the all stars
All of them embody the Haynes Way

Leadership recognizing Jerry Hegge, Rachel Allen and Jeff Litson for their 25 years of dedication to Haynes Mechanical.

2010 2020
Haynes partners with Transwestern & KBS
to complete a number of upgrades on the iconic Granite Tower
"The 40-year-old cooling towers and fluid coolers were well past their life expectancy of 20 years."

FAA says it was the first time an air-crane was hired to facilitate an upgrade to a downtown Denver building.

2010 2020
Xcel Energy
Recognizes us
for our collaborative efforts to make buildings and facilities more efficient

Since 2010 Xcel Energy has recognized Haynes Mechanical as an Energy partner.

2020 2030
Safety Jam
is an annual event at Haynes
Safety by choice not by chance

Our Safety Manager + Haynes team + industry experts gather to demo best practices on the job.

2020 2030
Ryan Ziehr
Ryan Ziehr is named Corporate Trainer for Haynes Mechanical + Haynes University
Ryan's dedication and technical expertise make him a great leader of our school