Mission Critical Space

Our service is predicated on maintaining and optimizing the mechanical systems and controls of your mission critical facility. Click on the Industries tab to learn some of the ways that we specialize in taking care of a specific industry.

We offer a vast array of mechanical services and energy solutions to ensure that our customers’ facilities are running smoothly.  We provide peace of mind-this enables our clients to focus on what they do best: their core competencies.

Our customers are innovators, major contributors to society, science community, medical field, and overall the macroeconomy making the Rocky Mountain corridor, an even better place to call home.

The Industries tab is one of our favorite sections, it is an opportunity for us to reflect and share some of our customers’ stories.  Click on the drop-down menu within the Industries tab, to get a peek on who they are and how we support their mission.  Thank you for perusing our site and feedback is a good thing!

Typical Challenges
Rising Energy Consumption
Escalating number of Service Repairs
Evaluating the Health of Your Building
Optimizing Mechanical & BAS
Preventative Maintenance
Client Services


“Your NoCo Team is solid! They run tests to uncover the root cause, implement an effective solution, and educate me on the entire process."

Director of Facilities

"This is our third mechanical service contractor in just a few years. We feel like we finally have a partnership. The Haynes Phoenix team is knowledgeable, helpful, good investigators, and just great guys."

Property Manager

“I have not been to the Mechanical Room in a couple of weeks and it looks like an entirely different room! Love the cleanliness, labels, and organization. The SoCo Team is awesome, and they always take care of business.”

IT Operations Manager

“The Denver Haynes Team goes above and beyond by meticulously taking care of the site. They take ownership to ensure that our mechanical systems are running efficiently.”

Building Operations Supervisor