Mechanical Systems

What we are:

We are a service company.  We exist to serve the existing building space.  We are purposely designed to operate in critical facilities.

We are a regional provider that specializes in HVAC service, repair, and retrofit projects in Colorado and Arizona.

We are commercial and industrial.  We service small packaged rooftop units to large built-up chiller plants, from locally owned commercial office buildings to central cooling plants that feed several city blocks.

We are privately held, family-owned, and are celebrating over 50 years in business.

What we are not:

We are not a new construction HVAC contractor. We do not recognize the majority of our revenue from construction projects, thus limiting our resources to the latest construction venture.

We are not a manufacturer’s rep. We have the ability to service, repair and replace all makes and models of equipment.

We have the ability to procure parts and equipment from all the major manufacturers like Trane, JCI, Daikin, Carrier, Stulz, and Liebert, and will provide suggestions based on the best fit for the application, but not try to force one brand.

Haynes Service Agreements

HVAC equipment and associated systems are large financial investments. Maintaining an ongoing, preventative HVAC maintenance program for these systems helps to offset or delay larger operational and capital expenditures.  Whether your hold strategy is 5 years or 30 years+, there’s a preventative maintenance program that’s right for you and your facility.

Haynes offers the following proactive service agreements.  All of which include an expedited response time by being a contract customer and discounted hourly rates.  You also receive a photo documentation platform sent right to your email, so you can see what service was performed from each visit and access your reports anytime.

Our standard Preventative Maintenance Agreement is fully customized to your facility’s unique equipment and includes scheduled preventative maintenance per manufacturer recommendations and ASHRAE standards. Our preventative maintenance agreements cover the spectrum of small tonnage rooftop equipment and steam/hot water boiler systems to 13,000-ton centrifugal chiller plants.

Our Comprehensive Maintenance Agreement is a fixed price service agreement that includes both scheduled preventative maintenance as well as the costs of most mechanical repairs. This proactive approach enables you to maximize the lifecycle of your mechanical equipment, and typically offers significant annual savings vs. reactive repairs. The fixed price helps defray costs by having scheduled payments and services to mitigate the risk of unexpected out-of-pocket expenses.

Our Building Automation service agreement provides regular maintenance for building automation systems. It ensures that automation systems are properly maintained and up to date with the latest software release.  Our aim is to keep your system functioning optimally, thereby reducing the risk of breakdowns, and maximizing energy efficiency.

Our Client Services Agreement is a Building Analytics service agreement that connects your building’s mechanical equipment to our Haynes cloud via your facility’s building automation system.  We pump data one-way every 5 minutes to understand exactly how the mechanical systems are functioning.  This service tells us the story of how your equipment functions at all hours of the day.  The phrase “It’s always been an issue” doesn’t stand a chance with Haynes Client Services.

Our Onsite Staffing Agreement is a service agreement that includes a Haynes service professional who works onsite at your facility full-time to take the management of mechanical systems and building controls off your plate.  Onsite agreements are popular amongst our clients who own or manage facilities that run 24/7 and downtime is not an option.  Facilities that utilize a Haynes onsite staffing agreement include energy plants, corporate real estate, commercial real estate, data centers, healthcare facilities, and entertainment venues.

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

-Benjamin Franklin

Chiller Overhauls

Chillers represent substantial capital investments, and it’s critical to ensure you’re maximizing the value of that investment. Premature failure, on the other hand, is one of the most significant barriers to seeing an ROI.

Following a regular chiller tear-down and overhaul maintenance schedule is fundamental to maximizing the lifespan of your cooling equipment while minimizing operating expenses.

At the same time, having your chiller regularly overhauled can save money in the long run by reducing the risk of breakdowns, unnecessary repairs, and premature component failure.

Generally, we recommend that commercial and industrial chillers be overhauled and inspected every 8 to 10 years or every 25,000 to 30,000 operating hours to ensure peak performance, whichever comes first.


What are the benefits of a chiller overhaul?

Delivers short- and long-term benefits. In the short-term, an overhaul maximizes the efficiency of your chiller, so you can expect lower operating expenses from day one. At the same time, an overhaul offers long-term benefits, including the reduced risk of breakdowns, extended lifespan of your system, and improved indoor climate quality.

Haynes has 200+ centrifugal/screw chillers under contract.

Unparalleled expertise in Trane, York, Carrier, Daikin, McQuay, SMARDT chillers.

Minimal impact to ongoing operations.

Prolongs the life and efficiency of your most critical equipment.


Haynes Design-Build Team

Our thoughtful and experienced account managers begin with your business goals in mind. ROI is the focus while also factoring in CapEx and OpEx of the overall capital improvement.

Our In-house professional engineers design turnkey solutions that are brand-agnostic, leveraging multiple equipment options to best fit your financial and facility strategy.

Our Certified Energy Managers ensure lifecycle expenses are factored into the overall design.

Dedicated Project Managers mitigate your risk, anticipate potential pain points for all vested parties, proactively communicate project status, and meet your critical deadlines

Asset Renewal Program

Commercial/Industrial Mechanical Retrofits

As equipment ages, it becomes inefficient, ineffective, and eventually fails, so we develop an asset renewal plan to prepare you for system obsolescence and replacement. Our approach recognizes that businesses and facilities evolve, simply replacing like-for-like doesn’t take into consideration changing building standards, occupant density, space utilization, or the implications of future expansion.  Our asset renewal plans are real solutions, both technically and financially.

With proper maintenance and ongoing system analysis, Haynes gives you time and a budget to plan for the inevitable before it becomes an emergency that erodes your bottom line.

Design-Build Solutions

The Haynes Way for Design-Build

Over the last half-century, Haynes has delivered on thousands of design-build HVAC projects.

The Haynes Way includes Financial Engineering, not just mechanical. Haynes tailors your solution based on your financial objectives, which may include lease structures, lease maturities, hold and disposition strategies, cashflow, CAM structure, and energy savings or rebates.

Through banking partnerships and knowledge of CPACE legislation, Haynes can bring multiple funding options to the table.

Haynes has completed more CPACE-funded projects in the existing building space than any other mechanical contractor in Colorado.