Case Study

Case Study: Healthcare

Haynes recognizing the sense of urgency at a mission critical healthcare facility during the pandemic.


Haynes received an alert that the level controller on the DA tank failed at a healthcare facility treating Covid-19
patients. This level controller feeds the steam boilers in the water sterilization process, so potentially the
healthcare facility could circulate contaminated water if the level controller was not fixed immediately.


The Haynes Team recognized the sense of urgency by drafting an “A” team at a moment’s notice. Once the
team was deployed, Operations identified all the issues and created a three-step solution: an immediate,
short-term and long-term. The temporary solution involved Haynes’ technicians manually controlling the
valves and pumps around-the-clock to maintain the proper water level in the DA tank.
Short-term Solution: Haynes procured a replacement level controller at an affiliated healthcare facility. The
technicians successfully reprogrammed the existing controller and for safety measures, programmed the
replacement controller in the event of failure. The Haynes Team then monitored the DA tank and sterilization
process for 24 hours to make sure it was functioning properly.
Long-term Solution: To ensure efficiency and mitigate future biohazards, the Haynes team has since ordered
two additional level controllers to make sure all their healthcare facilities have replacement level controllers.


The facility continues to run efficiently and employs many medical heroes who are treating patients with
Covid-19. In conclusion, Haynes Executive leadership applauds everyone for their contributions, collaboration
and their actions truly exemplify the Haynes Vision Statement.

“Our vision captures the essence of who we are. It is the desire to never be satisfied, be infinitely driven, and
to seek greater challenges. These core beliefs will inspire our mission of service to unprecedented levels of