Case Study

Case Study: Commercial Office Space


The Conover Building is one of the iconic, downtown commercial properties in Colorado Springs. In the last few years, Haynes has made several upgrades to their HVAC system and even replaced components such as compressors.


However, in recent years there was a growing spike in energy consumption, comfort complaints, mechanical noise and limited automation functionality. All of these issues can be expected; given that the actual equipment had exceeded ASHRAE’s useful life expectancy.


The Haynes Team put together a proposal to replace (2) 90 ton RTUs.


In a weekend, Haynes replaced (2) 90 ton RTUs, installed the BACnet card, and integrated all of the building’s systems. By Monday morning, the Conover building was running efficiently, quietly, and BAS now provides enhanced building warm up or cool down, schedules, historical data management, remote access, analytics and e-mail alarms. Most importantly, our client and the respective Conover Building tenants are now much happier in their work environment.

“Our vision captures the essence of who we are. It is the desire to never be satisfied, be infinitely driven, and to seek greater challenges. These core beliefs will inspire our mission of service to unprecedented levels of excellence.”