Case Study

Case Study: Education


University Schools had 86 aging Rooftop Units and outdated controls.


There was a noticeable spike in energy consumption, comfort complaints, mechanical breakdown, questions regarding overall air quality and limited automation functionality. All of these issues can be expected; given, the actual equipment had exceeded ASHRAE’s useful life expectancy.


Replace 40 packaged cooling and gas heat rooftop units (RTUs) in July 2020 and the remaining 46
in the spring of 2021. In addition, install updated control system and GPS Needlepoint Bipolar


Phase 1 in July of 2020: Haynes replaced 40 RTUs and updated controls in 24 hours. Phase 1.5 Installed GPS Needlepoint Bipolar Ionization throughout the campus. Phase 2 June 2021: Haynes installed 46 RTUs and greater automation functionality. Consequently, University School’s campus has reopened; the students and faculty are now even more engaged in the learning environment.

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