Intelligent Buildings

The meaning of an “intelligent building” has evolved over time from being able to automatically control its functions to the ability to be adaptable to the changing needs of occupants. Haynes understands that as needs evolve within a business, so do the requirements of the physical building. That’s where we bring our expertise to the table. We have worked with many organizations of all sizes to drive enterprise level solutions, allowing for the integration of multiple building silos.

Where Strategy and Solutions Meet

Along with maintenance, building efficiency and capacity are important in controlling multiple operating costs. Integrating all of your buildings' systems to be automated and controlled in one centralized place makes sense for both monitoring and managing your building. In the past building automation systems were made up of proprietary equipment and software that forced consumers to purchase through the same vendor forced upgrades, or incur costly overhaul expenses.

With the evolution of the internet and other technology, industry standards have shifted and there is opportunity to integrate systems at a lower price point than ever before. We use an open license platform which means that you have greater flexibility as technologies continue to change and improve. We have comprehensive scheduling and alarm management features making your automation system truly customizable to fit your maintenance and overall building goals.

Our experts can work with you in assessing your needs and help build a plan around your goals and capital budgets. Contact us today!

Obsolescence is Not a Problem, It’s an Opportunity

Older proprietary systems are becoming obsolete and replacement parts are becoming difficult, or nearly impossible to find. Yet the cost of ripping out a system and replacing it with an entirely new system is a sizeable capital outlay that can possibly be avoided.

We use open protocol software, with minimal equipment changes, that integrates with your existing automation systems. This is a web based real-time platform that centralizes the management of all buildings systems, data logging, and provides an array of enterprise software applications giving you access to data which allows you to make informed operating decisions.

If you would like to learn more about how we can integrate your existing system to better manage your building, contact us.

Integrated Service Offerings

Haynes offers a complete program of service offerings to provide a better overall value to our customers. Learn more about our mechanical and energy services and how they can fit into a comprehensive building maintenance and management program.

Let our experts help create tailored turnkey solutions to meet your unique building needs.
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