Safety: A Cultural Pillar At Haynes

Safety is an integral part of protecting our associates, protecting the business interests of our clients, and supporting a long-term mutually beneficial relationship with both. We invest in the training of our associates to be sure every project is well executed and done in a safe manner. In addition to complying with Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) standards, we have many programs to benefit the safety of our customers and associates alike. Our clients have told us they cannot afford not to be safe, and we agree. We implement safety programs based on the International Safety Rating System (ISRS) and they are incorporated into every aspect of our business from sales to service. Our motto: safety by choice, not by chance.

Supporting Our Philosophy and Commitment to Safety

NCCER Training and Assessment Center Candidate

The National Center for Construction Education and Research (NCCER) was developed with the support of construction CEOs, and select association and academic leaders who shared the common goal of developing a safe and productive workforce. These companies created a standardized training and credentialing program recognized by the industry as a top training and assessment program. Continuing Haynes Mechanical Systems' commitment to maintaining the most highly qualified HVAC technicians in the industry, we are a certified NCCER training and assessment center. Currently in candidate status, we have begun to train our technicians in a regimented training program including company-wide placement assessments to assist with associate NCCER Accreditation.

Full Time Safety Manager

Haynes has a full time Safety Manager who is responsible for providing site safety leadership, certifying field compliance with corporate safety standards, implementing safety directives, improving safety performance, and ensuring safety policies and procedures are aligned with governmental regulations. The Safety Manager takes an active role with our associates in collaborating to promote our safety culture. Our associates and clients work with our Safety Manager to bring jobsite safety to the forefront.

Safety Committee

Haynes has a safety committee made up of associates from all facets of our company. It is the charter of the safety committee to take a holistic look at safety requirements and anticipate problems that might otherwise potentially cause unsafe conditions. Committee members take suggestions from our associates and are approachable for any environmental, health, or safety concerns. For any questions regarding these or any other programs please contact us.

Protecting Your Investments, Minimizing Your Risk

For over 50years Haynes Mechanical Systems has been in the business of maintaining and upgrading mechanical systems in commercial buildings. We understand building mechanical systems and the important role they play in asset management. Our programs are preventive and predictive, forecasting future risk to help contain unplanned costs.

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Where Strategy and Solutions Meet

Haynes understands that as needs evolve within a business, so do the requirements of the physical building. That’s where we bring our expertise to the table. We have worked with many organizations of all sizes to drive enterprise level solutions, allowing for the integration of multiple building silos.

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Reducing Your Energy Footprint

Haynes Energy Insight program provides tools that benchmark energy for a single building or a portfolio of buildings. Evaluating trends in energy use and establishing a historical perspective allows you to identify metrics for performance, establish baselines and set goals.

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